Filter functionalities on the gig page

There are two types of filters. One type that narrows down the results and the other one widens the results. You can use all the filters in combination with each other.
The filters options “talk” with each other. So if you choose Belgium, the venue filter will only show Belgian gigs.

Country: this one widens the results. For example, you can select Germany and Belgium. So the result will be Germans and Belgian gigs.

City: the same goes for this filter option. This one widens the results.

Venue: widens the results. If a venue has changed its name during the year. These multiple names will be shown as a separate venue.

Year: widens the results.

Date range: You can choose a start and end date. This narrows down the gigs.

Songs: You are able to type the songs in the input area and select them. It’s possible to select multiple songs. All the gigs of this selection will show up. You can use this in combination with all the other filter options. For example, you want to show all the gigs where Motorpsycho played S.T.G. and Greener in The Netherlands.

Recording available: due to the hard work of our tapers, there are a lot of recordings available on Motortrades and Dime. This filter option gives you an overview of which gigs are recorded.

Video(s) available: There are nice videos made during the years. Thanks to Bernie, all of these videos are collected on If you select this option, you’ll get the gigs where there are video’s added to that specific on this website.

Tour / year stats

You can get tour/year statistics by going to the specific gig and click on ‘tour stats’ underneath the date and location.

You are able to see which songs are played and how many times during that specific year. If you click on the graph, you’ll get an overview of the gigs where that song was played.

This shows you all the albums of which songs were played during this year.

Avg. setlist
This is an automatically generated setlist that contains the most played songs of that year. The number of songs on that setlist is the average of played songs over that year.

Next step of this project is adding names to the tour. So the 2019 tour is The Crucible tour.

What gigs are added to the DB

This website contains all the Motorpsycho performances, including radio performances, … The Tussler shows aren’t on this website, since The International Tussler Society isn’t Motorpsycho.

Get personal statistics

When you have an account on this website, you can add gigs to it. In order to get an account, please send an e-mail to contact[at] with your name of the forum. In a later fase of this website, the registration will be open for everyone.

If you add attended gigs to your account, you’ll be able to see how many gigs you’ve added, how many songs you’ve heard, how many unique songs, …

Also later on, more statistics will be shown.

New features

If you have an idea about an interesting feature, feel free to contact us on contact[at] We’ll see what we can do and if it is doable to implement into the site.

Mistakes on the website

It was a massive work to put all the gigs and songs into the database. But we’ve finally did it 🙂 Due to the massive amount of songs, it’s possible that there are mistakes. If you see a mistake, please let us know: contact[at]

Cheers !

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